Folklore Troubadour

by Greg Reed

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released November 1, 2008

Percussion - John Knecht
Drums, Production - Mark Kleinfelder



all rights reserved


Greg Reed Chicago, Illinois

I am a violinist, guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, and teacher currently residing in Bellingham, WA.

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Track Name: No Time to Lose
3 chords and the truth
That's all anyone ever needed just to write
A simple I love you
And it changed the world
But to me, it wouldn't matter if I couldn't change your mind.

2 hands clasped together
In trusting each can't we all find another
Solution to this war
I swear that peace worked before greedy people rose to fight.

1 voice from the heart
Selfless, whisper wisdom, crying freedom, speaking justice
Wanting love

3 chords, 2 hands, 1 voice, and no time to lose
Track Name: Taught Me
Pluck the heartstrings of my guitar
Strum them 'til they'll sing no more
No one else could I adore
(I just) Stare at you 'til eyes grow sore

If life is like a song - you write my melody
I had loved wrong, but your heart taught me

When I wake up start the day
And see you lying next to me
Can't we both just run away?
Buy the ticket leave today

We'll hop into that rocket and blast off
Take a trip 'round mars, then come back home

When days are you long you console me
You stole me - never give me back
I was singing without soul
I was speaking but my words were dull

Your love sharpened me like a knife
Cut into my heart and bleed my life
Track Name: You Know What I Want
Let's get right down to it baby now
We've got tonight
I've got this cask of wine and you
You've got the bites

I see that smile creepin' in again
The moon is bright
You've got that look in your eyes
By candle light

You know what I want
Stop makin' me wait
You know what I want
It's you with me, baby

Ukulele play all day and you
And you don't mind
Sleepin' on the seashore in the sand
Won't get much sleep tonight because

Track Name: Darius, Prince of Araby
I thought I could be the Prince of Araby
With servants to serve me and wise men to teach me
I'd slave away every day
Just running my country

Like an ocean wave, I'd control the sands
I could turn the tide if I waved my hands
As a grass in wind they'd obey my commands
Build and empire that stands the test of time

A beggar's description looked deep in my eyes
I could not empathize with his struggle for bread
But his head it was full of wisdom and joy
What's that like? I don't know...
Track Name: Spumento
In a cabin by the brook near the tiny village of Spumento
Lived and old retired cook, a pirate by his trade
And he looked to the sea
To his old ship 'Majesty'
He lived by the shore
To feel more at home - he lived alone

A caller came to his door near that tiny village of Spumento
'Majesty' needed him once more so he left without delay
And the thoughts ran through his head
“Will I come back alive or dead?”
So he stepped onto the road
And left his land-locked home - Goodbye Spumento!

And if you see him sailing, you'll notice from a mile
You'll see what he's been wanting - the chance to
really smile!

The cabin is quiet now near that tiny village of Spumento
The townspeople wonder how that came to be
And they go about their lives
Hats on Sunday, suit and ties
Did the pirate find his dream?
They just don't care!
Well that's Spumento