Spruce Goose EP

by Greg Reed

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Recorded at Sound Lab, Jeongja, Bundang, South Korea.


released March 8, 2013

Produced by Michael MJ Beeghley
Mastered at Backhouse Productions by Thomas TJ Martin
Guitar, vocals, violin, percussion, bass by Greg Reed
Percussion and bass by Michael MJ Beeghley



all rights reserved


Greg Reed Chicago, Illinois

I am a violinist, guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, and teacher currently residing in Bellingham, WA.

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Track Name: Leaving Chicago
Leaving Chicago – Lyrics

Tonight I’m gonna find myself a real woman
Take her downtown to the lights out on State Street.

That’s right, I’m leavin the thought of leaving behind
I’m past past-due on time, and time’s a-wastin

So good-bye sweet Foster Beach
Winter’s gone a summer sauntering
And we won’t miss the cold until it’s July
Oh babe don’t worry or miss me when I’m gone
For I’ll be back before the spring grass is growin

Oh endless night – don’t take away my song
I’ll need it when I think of home and all she harbors

Oh Illinois, I knew you well
Shoulders broad and fields full by now
And oh to see the lake in all her glory
Track Name: Reborn
Reborn – Lyrics
And I feel like I’ve been reborn
And I feel like I’ve been remade

And I feel like I know myself
And I know the reason why

And you do too
Track Name: Made Criminal
Made Criminal – lyrics
His thoughts rebounding back
Across an empty track
A lack of concentration
In a lapse of regret

A quickly stolen glance
To risk a stare, a chance
The stranger’s eyes might meet his
And remember his face

He’s running, darting
Hiding in the shadows at night
Avoid the lights, the sirens
That are screamin his name

Again…hide away
Where it’s safe
- But where is it safe?
The friends he’s never had
Have left him all for dead
His sense of dread has never left
And it’s all he had

Nowhere to run
No one to see
Nothing to do
In his lone misery

Now they grab a hold
Never to let go
His fate is sealed in a letter
To the devils below

Inside…of his head
A scream rises up from below
Track Name: Bulletproof
Bulletproof – lyrics
Glidin smooth across the floor
Find my way to her

Feelin dapper in my $200 suit
Feelin confident

“Well I suppose it’s goin alright,”
That’s what she said
When I asked, I asked her how it’s goin

“I suppose mine’s goin exactly the same
At least, that’s what I tell myself to get a decent sleep at night.”

She didn’t ask my opinion
She didn’t look up at all
And when you feel that dejection
Risin up like a ball
Well it pounds at your chest
And you think – what a bitch
Pickin out potential targets
Through a crude gin-fueled reverse-Darwinian process

Flyin with my wingman by side
Can’t shoot me down
Ya know I’m feelin bulletproof

But when she punched a million little holes into my armor
Well it kinda set me back a step or two

And it wasn’t what I was expecting
No, what I was expecting
Was an evening full of harmless flirtation
Followed by a morning full of awkward good-byes

She didn’t ask my opinion
She didn’t look up at all
And when you feel that dejection
Risin up like a ball
Well it pounds at your chest
And you think – Is it me?
Glidin smooth across the floor
Figure I owe myself another chance

Not gonna take “no” for an answer this time
At least not so easily

“You don’t have a cell phone?
What do you mean you don’t have a cell phone?!
It’s 2013, at least you could’ve told me something
That’s not a lie to me!”

And what’s the point in always trying to fly
If I just get shot down everywhere
Everywhere that I go

She didn’t ask my opinion
She didn’t look up at all
And when you feel that dejection
Risin up like a ball
Well it pounds at your chest
And you think – maybe a bar isn’t the best place to meet a woman
Track Name: Faith of the Sun
Faith of the Sun – lyrics
Green fields and summer
On the wind
Met the girl with starlight
In the way she moves across the waves

Caress me slowly
Baby, pick me up, hold me
Hold me

Dirt road I’m walking
Skippin stones for throwing
New love overflowing
Urgency that’s growing

Follow the faith of the sun
Whole world, living as one

And oh – it’s hard
To let love into your heart
Won’t you tell me the things that you feel?
Believe me, I swear this is real
Cool wind that takes me
Back to Spain
Oh those younger days I
Try to live again in vain

But there’s still time
Babe, put your hand in mine

And we’ll leap into the sea
Happy as can be

Won’t you tell me the things that you feel?
When living makes our dreams come real